Replicating live production site into a test environment

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Is it possible to replicate my production site in a test environment including structure, bespoke properties & content?

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Hi @JPHostler,


yes, it's possible.


Go to Marketing=>Websites=>Landing-pages/Web-pages and click on "more tools"(left sidebar). You'll find "Content-Staging" there.


By opening it you'll see a list of all the pages of the category(landing or web). When you hover over a name/line you'll see the "phase"-button on the right of the hovered line. Click on it. 

The next step is important!!!

You can either create a "blank" or "cloned" page. In your case you have to select "cloned page". After clicking on the "create page"-button you'll see the staged page. 

Now you can do what ever you want with it Smiley Happy


It will have a own url too(after you have published it in he staging envoirement) - so you can send it to your team, customer...

You can also throw the staged-page-url in the navigation(or build a whole navigation with all staged-page-urls if you want). It will automaticly update when you publish(not "publish in staged-envoirement button") the staged-page. 



Working in the staging envoirement is a bit different than in the "normal" envoirement. 

"Save"-button: Will save your work; the page will stay in the "draft section"

"Publish in stage envoirement"-button: Will release the page for others(generate a staging url)


Replacing the current(live) page with the new one from the staging envoirement

After a page is "published" in the staging envoirement it can replace it's old "me". To do so click on the "publish" tab(above the staging page list). If you have only one page you can hover it and click on "publish". Otherwise you can select multiple pages and click on the "publish on live-domain"-button(top right)




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