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The main marketing and information site is being built on the Hubspot CMS. The functionality of the application is designed to enable users to complete lengthy forms/data entry, with auto-saving features and registration conversion at set points in the flow along with cart and checkout capabilities.


The user can be redirected to a URL where the application will be hosted, so that should be straightforward.


Here is the crux of the issue:


If and when the user is redirected to the application, they need to either log in, or sign up. We believe we can handle this separately. However, when within the separate application, there are the header and footer URL's, and the state of the user to handle. 


What would be the best recommendation to technically handle the header and footer URL's, and the various edge cases between the main domain where the CMS operates, and the application domain where the functionality will live? If the user hits "Home", they are redirected back to the main site.


Can we perhaps insert custom code on the CMS pages to handle these types of transitions?




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Hi @Zacharotto,


Do you mind sharing a bit more information around what your end goal is, and where within HubSpot you are getting stuck? 


Are you looking to pass credentials between a page hosted by HubSpot and an external page to keep a user "logged in" to view content between the two pages? 


The more information, screenshots and links you can provide, the better the Community can assist. 


Thank you,

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