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Hi HS Team,


I badly need a solution.


1) At a Deal stage, we will send out a registration form to be filled out.

It is a multi field form where some properties are then saved in the Deal section of the contact.


The current form feature with Hubspot, enables us to get information from 1 contact, or 2 contacts if a next page directs the contact for information on person number 2.


In some scenarios, we need names of a contact's family members and this could be names of up to 10 people.

Is there a way to get that done ?


2) Could that be done on a landing page of our website with a password ?


3) Is there a way / integrated app ? To collect sensitive information like passport details ?

Is storing passport details in Hubspot and not the actual attachment  allowed ? 


Thank you so much. Look forward to your reply.


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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Registration Forms

Hi there!

Do you need each of the family members to be created as separate contact records, or would you be open to storing information for family members as custom properties on a single contact? HubSpot forms are generally  designed to collect information for a single contact, although it's theoretically possible to trigger the creation of multiple contacts if multiple calls are made to the Forms API or Contacts API.  

If you don't want to pursue a solution using APIs, it would be necessary to create a separate HubSpot form for each family member in order to create a new contact. 

You can set up a password protected landing page (or landing pages) if you have a Marketing Hub Professional or CMS Hub Professional subscription. See this documentation for more detail.

It's against our terms of service to store sensitive information such as passport numbers, as outlined here. I'm not aware of any specific integrations or apps that integrate with HubSpot to allow the storage of this type of information, as the CRM isn't designed to handle this type of data.