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We use an iframe from another platform than HubSpot (Livestorm). We would like to redirect users who submitted the form within the iframe to a thank you page. The idea behind is to be able to track how many people converted.


Our website is managed on HubSpot.


Would you have some advice on it?



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you need to set an event inside of your source iframe then listen to it on your page to trigger the redirection. 

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Hi Florence, 


Happy to help with this 🙂 


You can redirect users from our registration pages to a custom thank you page by using our custom code integration.


Now, for using it with the registration widget instead, it doesn't always allow you to do so. It would depend on the custom thank you page itself. I'm afraid for using it with the registration widget you would need to test this first, to see if your thank you page is compatible.


You may find a step by step explanation on how to activate the custom code integration in our documentation -> Add Custom Code to Livestorm 


Here's the code you need to add to your account to set a custom thank you page:


livestorm.on('registration-success', function () {   
  window.location = ''


I hope all of this helps! 


Feel free to get on touch with us at if you have any more questions. 



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Hi @Florencenoblet 


The redirect setting to another page is usually a form setting. If your form is of Livestorm, you should look for this on Livestorm. 


If is form in HubSpot, you configure in settings of each form in HubSpot.


Obs: If use Livestorm form, why you don't use HubSpot Form?


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Best regards!