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Recent Blog Posts per Topic wont load in our page

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Hello we have created a Video Blog in our site and we want to make it appear on our Home Page as well but to videos that have a tag "Events Video" , I have followed this code . But it wont load


Is there something wrong with my code?


{{ blog_recent_topic_posts(6097481406, 'events-video', 3 ) }}
{% set topic_posts = blog_recent_topic_posts(6097481406, 'events-video', 3) %}
{% for topic_post in topic_posts %}

<div class="related-image">

{% if topic_post.featured_image %}

<a class="post-list-thumb" href="{{ topic_post.absolute_url }}">
<img src="{{ topic_post.featured_image }}" alt="{{ topic_post.name }}">
{% endif %}

<div class="recent-right-col">
<a href="{{ topic_post.absolute_url }}">{{ topic_post.name }}</a>
<div class="custom-date">
{{ topic_post.publish_date_local_time.strftime('%d') }}
{{ topic_post.publish_date_local_time.strftime('%B') }},
{{ topic_post.publish_date_local_time.strftime('%Y') }}
{% endfor %}

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Hi @chrissa0000,


Can you please share the page where you are working on this? 


The more information, screenshots and links you can provide, the better the Community can assist!



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