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Also, we tried to import a button without any style and we still had the same issue, we get this type of error:


Comments from our developer:
"I don't understand their response, basically, I created the simplest HTML file (there is no any additional JS) and added embed code from HubSpot, buttons are importing with flashing effect."


"You can look at embed code, it's importing image, after, it replacing by a text"


This is the CTA that we have been testing:

<!--HubSpot Call-to-Action Code --><span class="hs-cta-wrapper" id="hs-cta-wrapper-3339b83c-8432-46d8-89a5-623dc205b223"><span class="hs-cta-node hs-cta-3339b83c-8432-46d8-89a5-623dc205b223" id="hs-cta-3339b83c-8432-46d8-89a5-623dc205b223"><!--[if lte IE 8]><div id="hs-cta-ie-element"></div><![endif]--><a href="" ><img class="hs-cta-img" id="hs-cta-img-3339b83c-8432-46d8-89a5-623dc205b223" style="border-width:0px;" src="" alt="Get Started"/></a></span><script charset="utf-8" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript"> hbspt.cta.load(4607834, '3339b83c-8432-46d8-89a5-623dc205b223', {}); </script></span><!-- end HubSpot Call-to-Action Code -->

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Hi everybody,


I'm having some issues with Hubspot CTAs - we're developing a new website and the CTAs are not loading properly when opening/ refreshing a page.


As an example: - the first 2 CTAs 'Request a Call' and 'Get Started' are from Hubspot, the ones that you see in the header video.


The CTAs are not being loaded properly - they appear, disappear, flash and only after 1-2 sec they are totally loaded:


Any reasons why this might be happening?

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Hi @nunoautotrip

I've checked it in Safari and Google Chrome on my Macbook and couldn't notice anything strange.


Have you tried it in another browser and/or device?





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Hey @Anton , I checked this on my mobile and the same thing happened.. but sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it just takes a half second longer to load, which is expected.

I just don't want to see the buttons flicking or jumping around for a few milliseconds, that's what I'm trying to avoid.

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I have noticed issues with my newest CTA's as well.


We are also redesigning our website so we created new CTA's.


Initially there was no issues, however now MOZ and Ahrefs are generating reports saying that my CTA redirects (just like the URL you shared) have meta refresh qualities. So for some reason these redirects are being indexed by my seo tools as problems. However when you use the CTA's on the site they work fine.


Another thing I noticed is my newest CTA's show no location even though I know for a fact they are being used in multiple locations.


Still waiting for an answer on why this has only occurred in the last week.

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Looks like I am not the only one who has meta refresh issues with CTAs.

We are trying to fix them on our end with HubSpot rep assistance but no major improvements so far.