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Question about utilizing templates in staging area

I've been tasked with making changes to one of our website pages. Most of the changes I'd like to make need to be done through the Design manager on the template level of things. But, as this is one of our highest converting pages, I'd like to be able to edit in a sandbox state before pushing any changes that could affect the page negatively.


So, I've set up the page itself in the staging area of Hubspot. From there, I went to template settings and cloned a version of the original template and renamed it. 


The issue is, I can't see any changes I've made in the Design Manager on the staged page I'm trying to work in. In template settings, it says they are linked. I see the option to publish changes made in the Design Manager, but I'm worried if I click that, it'll push these changes to the original template. 


Could anyone verify what happens when I publish changes made to that cloned template? Will it simply push those changes to the staged page I'm working in?

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Question about utilizing templates in staging area

Hi, @DSaunders35 👋 Thanks for your question. I'd like to invite some of our experts to the converstaion — hey @Jnix284 @MBERARD @skimura, do you have any tips you can share with @DSaunders35?


Thank you! — Jaycee


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Question about utilizing templates in staging area

Happy to help @Jaycee_Lewis, a quick question to clarify @DSaunders35 :


1 - is the template using DnD (drag and drop) via the page editor? or is it the old template format that can't be edited without code changes?


You mentioned having to edit the template, which alludes to it being the old coded templates, but I want to make sure as there are very different answers for what happens.


This also impacts whether the changes are visible in staged pages and how the changes apply when published.


Since the template was cloned and renamed, nothing you do should impact your original live page - whether it updates the staged page depends on the type of template.


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