Putting certain blog posts behind a paywall and verifying identity (advanced Wordpress user)


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Short questions: How can I put certain blog posts behind a paywall and restrict access with identity management? How can I put multiple authors on a blog post? OR how can I gain more in-depth access to the underlying structure of my Hubspot website so I can solve these issues myself?


[Background] I have a background in web design/HTML/CSS and have worked in Wordpress. My company produces reports both for free, to paying subscribers, and for a set price per report  (these are expensive and security is important). Before I came onboard, our Hubspot sales rep recommended creating each report as its own webpage and using identity management to restrict access from the outside.


The problem they overlooked is that it means that every report must be created in a website editor, which doesn't have great word processing functionality (IMHO, but if someone knows better let me know). Because we have many people writing and creating reports, granting access to the website editor poses a problem as it's both a security issue and not going to work as few people will be able to understand how to use it.


My solution is using the blog in Hubspot to create research, which allows for multiple contributors, but the issue that I'm now facing is that there doesn't seem to be functionality to put blog posts behind a paywall or restrict access. This seems like a very large oversight--Hubspot would greatly benefit and have expanded selling opportunities if this functionality was implemented.


Am I missing something? Is there already a way to do this or is it in the works?


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I'm not sure if you came across this feature of HubSpot but you can start digging in to this guide. Also, this is currently available on Website Pages and not on blog posts.



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Hi all,

is there any update on the paywall topic?



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