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Hello People,

I work for a company , we are using hubspot account and right now trying to publish a website which I made using a free template;

So the problem is as follows:

We purchased the domain name on so far so good... and the then I tried to somehow connect it to the website but domain settings seem complicated; I know from my experience that I have to provide nameservers to the domain registrar to make the domain link to the hosting; In this case I have a particular website generated on hubspot platform and its url includes the company name... when I try to manage the domains there are four options; I think what I'm trying to do is make a primary domain.  

Main question is how do I connect the domain to a particular "template-made" website and if I have multiple pages for navigation like "/about" "/something" how then I make these pages link do the domain 

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Hi @Tornike 


To connect domain in HubSpot, click in Settings > Domains > Connect Domain. Look:



Para publicar suas páginas web, you must select website domain. When you need connect blog domain,  landing pages and e-mail, need to connect here too.



For more details of steps to connect, u can see in this article:


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Hello, Thanks a lot for responding ! 

I managed to make it work for some time and I went through all these tutorials, but the problem is it seems that I can only have one primary domain; 

In my case the company has to have a primary domain for itself and for its webpage, and for other website that we are building we want to have another primary domain so that it doesnt include the company name in the URL and is like a separate entity so to say; 

 Is it impossible to have multiple primary domains ?

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Hello @Tornike 

I think 2 primary domain options is available under "Marketing Hub Enterprise"to  publish content to two primary domains:


However, this functionality has historically been fairly limited - users, permissions, contacts, reporting and analytics have all remained in one shared environment. 


I  hope this will help you




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