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I work as a business development manager for two seperate wealth management firms. I wanted to know if there is any way to set up Hubspot so that all information is public in lead status but then becomes private to each user once it becomes a customer? Although I work on behalf of both companies they will need to protect their clients information once the sales process gets to a certain point. We are also looking to upload existing clients onto the CRM which would be private immediately. Any help or work around ideas would be very welcome!


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Hey @djackouk I think this question might belong on the Sales Support board, but I think I can help on this one.

Here is the full breakdown of user roles and permissions on the HubSpot Sales platform: HubSpot User Roles Guide. 


Here it explains: Users with a View permissions setting of Owned Only will only be presented with contact records for which they are assigned as the HubSpot Owner within the Contacts dashboard, All Contacts, and Lists in the Sales and Marketing product; however, they can still view a contact that is not owned by them if they are sent a direct link to the contact. 


I beleive this can be set by navigating to the user's profile via Settings > Users and clicking on the pencil icon. From here you can set their viewing permissions (see below)


Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 6.38.32 PM.png


hope this helps!