Presenting Form submission data again on a Landing page

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I have a question about Landing page Form which would present past submissions as reference data for new users submitting their own answers to the form. These are the elements I will use:

- Hubspot Form
- Hubspot Landing page which includes the form

In other words, I will have a questionnaire on my landing page, to which I would like to add some dynamic features to its UI. The main idea would act like so:

1) The Form submisisons are saved to Hubspot as usual via Landing page
2) Gather submissions, process them with calculations (like "average" etc.)
3) Present the calculated data on the Form itself, meaning the questionnaire

For example: The form field pop-up would indicate that "So far, 45 percent of users have answered like this, while 23 percent have told us that they like something completely different."

I believe this could be achieved using HubSpot, but I have no idea where to start. Could it be done for example JSON export or something? Is there an integrated way to achieve this, maybe using custom modules? Where do I start building this kind of application?

Thank you in advance!

Edit: My client does not have the Website Pages -section, nor the HubDB extension acquired.

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Hey @laamed! I don't believe this sort of function is currently available on the HubSpot COS. Have you considered using a survey integration?

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Hi. Thanks for the comment. Smiley Happy


I found Zapier, which should have an application for triggered action after Hubspot submission.

Testing with my free Hubspot account threw an error, but the connection should work fine with my client's Hubspot account.