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Hi all, I was looking to create popus of my team's bios. So, when clicked on the image of each team member for the image to pop-up with the bio, instead to redirecting to a new page. Please let me know how I could do that! Thanks. 

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Hi @Rotageek,


I would recommend looking into using HubDB for creating a company listing directory. Then you could couple this with something like FancyBox (https://fancyapps.com/fancybox/3/) to make the pop-ups happen.


If you don't have access to using HubDB, then I would recommend as @JanetArmstrong mentioned and look into either A) using a marketplace module or B) creating a custom module that you can then incorporate modal functionality like FancyBox. 


Is there a reason you are not wanting to have profile pages be separate links? I only ask because, from a UX perspective, modals could become problematic for users on mobile devices or even with users with disabilities such as poor motor function (when you have to click the little X to close it). 


AJ LaPorte