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Passing non-HS form field to a HS form

Hi there, we want to pass the email field from our checkout page (Recurly iframe) to a HS pop-up form that collects 'nice to have' data on our thank you page. 

  • Recurly data is pushed into HS via zaps so there's a delay 
  • Pop-up form needs email in order to create a contact/store that data in a way where I can sync the two data sets

We tried to make the email field hidden and pass the data but it isn't working. Made it unhidden and now people need to fill in their email twice which is bad UX + opens us up to people putting in a different email and not being able to merge those data sets.


We're not using the API, our dev team coded this:



It seems like a really simple task that we're trying to do but it isn't working. Would love any help we can get so we don't have to move away from using a HS form on the thank you page. 


Checkout page:

Field we need passed to HS form: email

HS form: 

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 11.07.11 AM.png

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Passing non-HS form field to a HS form

Thanks, @Jaycee_Lewis! If anybody has ideas or solutions for us please let me know. We'd love to get this fixed asap.  

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Community Manager

Passing non-HS form field to a HS form

Hi, @JTaisey 👋 Let's see if we can get the conversation started for you. Hey, @Teun @mangelet @kaleemmolani, can you provide any thoughts on workarounds for @JTaisey?





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