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I'm building a website on a theme purchased from the marketplace, and trying to update key branding elements like typography and colors. I've followed documentation from the theme developer, I've followed steps from other developers about the new child themes vs cloning (I'm used to cloning to customize).


As I'm comfortable with a lot of code but FARRRR from being a developer, I want to make sure I'm understanding that we should be trying to recreate as few files in the child theme as possible - that if we can use the original templates, we should.


Is that right? 


Appreciate any insight you can share into do's and don'ts.



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Hi @melaniebell,


It's usefull to use a theme since it has build in templates. These templates will give your site more structure and flexibility to display content for specific needs like a Homepage, About us and Contact template.


If you have specific needs it's easy to duplicate a template within a theme and adjust it to your needs. One thing is that the more changes you make to a theme (or in your case a child theme) the more you have to take into account that changes will need to be compatible with other modules, templates and assets within that child theme.

But once these changes are added, you can't just go back to the original template, since not all modifications will be applied to there so you will lose the content/or styling.


Also, a themes can have custom modules. I'm not sure but maybe embedded modules into themes are only available if a template from that theme is used. But I haven't checked this out yet myself.

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Hi @melaniebell ,

First thing is that , you need to clone the theme after that create second setep:

Step 1: Marketing > website > Website Page:
Step 2: Create > Create website Page => Select template for which to want use Theme Template:
Step 3: Edit page accordingly, upadate content, image etc.

After all done submit/ published page

Hope this helps!

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