Has anyone else been experiencing small, odd "breaks"with their sites recently? I've blamed BDPR on several of them, hoping I was correct and shrugged them off. Now stuff is just disappearing. I work for an IT security company so we're doing our scans to make sure no one is pranking us, but I'm getting frustrated with repeating work.


Several pages that I have made changes to this week have all reverted back to pre-change without showing someone had accessed the pages since I last had.


Our main logo vanished from our entire website header one afternoon.


Share buttons no longer sharing so code seems to be disappearing or templates breaking.


Just really odd, unconnected things.


Anyone? Bueller?


Holla, Michele

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @micheleguilford I can't see any record of customers reporting these issues. I"d reccommend contacting the suppor team directly (via the Help button in your account) if you are still expreriencing this issue.