Now Live: HubSpot Themes Challenge 2020!!

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Hey friend, 


We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched our first-ever themes hackathon with over $30,000 in cash prizes, and we would be honored to have you register and participate


This contest challenges developers and designers to build fully functioning website themes for HubSpot’s CMS and submit them to the Asset MarketplaceRegistration just opened, giving you roughly nine weeks to complete and submit entries by the deadline on November 16. 


In addition to potential prizes, why should you build a theme for this challenge?

  • Diversify your income stream with a digital product that can be built once and sold to many HubSpot customers via the marketplace. 


  • Sell your web development services to theme buyers who need additional customization and dev work. 


  • Gain additional visibility in HubSpot’s ecosystem as we launch a unique campaign to promote the marketplace and themes after this challenge.


Learn more, register, and find a team to join on our official hackathon micro-site.


Good luck!



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Hi Dennis,


I'm currently develping a theme

Learning the fundamentals and understanding the building components.


Like to clarify few doubts on the initial stage itself.

1.What css framework Hubspot uses for the responsiveness  (is't flexbox?)
2. I'm comfortable with Bootstrap4, I will be developing the theme using it.

Will it work 100% with HubL? 
Shall I proceed with Bootstrap4 for the theme development?

3.As of now I'm planning to develop 4 website pages and 2 landing pages 

for the theme (is't enough)

(let me know if blog templates and system pages are the mandatory requirements or optional)

4.What are the theme features should be included for the marketing hub


Waiting for your reply!




Regular Contributor

Hi ,
I have few doubts to be clarified for the Hubspot Theme Challenge 2020
1.What css framework does Hubspot employs for responsiveness (is't flexbox)
2. Shall I proceed with Bootstrap4 for the competition (will it work 100% with Hubl),
3. I'm planning to develop 4 webpages and 2 landing pages for the theme(is't enough)
(Email templates and System pages are mandatory requirements or optional for the challenge)
4.What are the necessary features to be included in the theme for the marketing hub




Occasional Contributor

You can use bootstrap in your modules but they have a unique grid system they've developed for the base design that may conflict. They only recommend using flexbox.

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Hi Bws,
Thanks for your time!

You suggest Flexbox, I agree with you!
How about the pages we have to submit for the challenge (4 webpages, 2 landing pages)
ls't fine!!