[Nov 3] Live AMA w/ Connor Jeffers & Emily Wingrove on CMS Hub Playbook

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What: Live AMA with Connor Jeffers & Emily Wingrove on CMS Hub Playbook

When:  November 3rd 12:00pm EST

How to Attend:  Sign up here




We've got a treat for you!  On November 3rd at 12AM (EST), we’ll be hosting a live AMA about CMS Hub with  @Connorj13 and @EmWingrove  of Aptitude 8.

This is the team that gave us  The 2021 Revops Cookbook and Operations Hub Playbook and now they have released The Ultimate Guide to HubSpot CMS Hub

Starts asking your questions below and make sure to sign up for the AMA to ask your questions live.



About Connor and Em

Connor Jeffers is the founder and CEO of Aptitude 8.  He has over a decade of experience steering companies Systems Orchestration, Digital Transformation, Revenue Operations, and Growth and while he now spends more time on client strategy than direct implementation, he loves nothing more than getting his hands dirty with data and testing new automations


Emily Wingrove is the Demand Generation practice manager at Aptitude 8. Her team is responsible for providing services to customers on marketing platforms, designing and developing websites and digital marketing assets, and driving growth strategy for Aptitude 8 customers.


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