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Hi Everyone,


I just signed up to hubspot yesterday, and i'm trying to see if I can achieve the following things with it.


1. Biggest problem of today was centering a form on my website. I've went into the community solutions on the forum but without any resolve. So i'm getting the form as a script in order to embedd to my shopify website. I'll then go and add the code to a custom html section that i've created, however i can't center the form at all, and it looks weird sitting on the left hand side. Is there a solution to center that form?

2. I've noticed there are meeting bots, live agent bots etc. My question is this. Could a meeting bot be triggered when my customers hit a certain button ? Like book a meeting? If this is not possible, any chance we could have an all in one solution? Like a bot giving out options to customers. Welcome to "Acme" how can i help you today? Enquire about a product, order status, book a meeting. 

3. This is definitely one of the important ones. As i'm joining the cool gang that's using hubspot i would like to have some sort of automation. I've developed a brochure that would act as a "hook" for new customers, with a button on the website named : download brochure. Would it be possible to have the following scenario : customer clicks download brochure, a pop up form is then shown, with input your name, number and email, after submission the document is being sent to them via email. At the same time an email will be sent to them saying : thank for joining us, here's your download . 


I've really been drawn to hubspot compared to others, however i've tried reaching out to live chat a couple of times however i've hit a stone wall.. Makes me think twice. 

Anyway, are there solutions to my questions? 

Thanks in advance.

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@Oezcan , @karstenkoehler , @Teun 

Any chance you all could help out our new friend 😬



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