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I recently downloaded a free landing page from hubspot's marketplace and have been working to brand it and build it out for my company's uses. Unfortunately, this template must have been created before the BETA designer was released and is forcing me to update. I do not write code and am being asked to edit what seems to be a very complicated coding errors in this document. Specifically "Error: " include" is disabled" on this page: I have tried to pinpoint the issue and have been unsuccessful. Please help! This is a very inconvenient issue, though one that hopefully can be simply fixed by a person who speaks HTML. 

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So we've seen this issue on a number of 'free' templates in the HubSpot Marketplace. It's now been over 6 months since HubSpot released the Design Manager in open beta (Announced 22-Jan-2018).


If a vendor hasn't updated at least SOME version of their templates to accommodate the new v2 format by now, there's a good chance support for their templates is equally lacking.


This may sound a bit extreme, but the best advice we can give is to completely avoid a vendor if they haven't updated at least SOME version of their templates (free or paid) to accommodate the new v2 format by now.


Trust, it will save you lots of grief.






Note: HubSpot is a constantly evolving platform. Please check the date of each post and view all solutions in that context.

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Hope that helps.


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