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Nav bar is coming different in two different pages

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Hey guys,


I am using the same header module but the nav bar is coming different in these two pages

https://pages.fylehq.com/2018-travel-and-expense-management-report-by-paystream-and-fyle    and https://www.fylehq.com/software/travel-expense-management. The nav bar in this page seems right https://www.fylehq.com/software/travel-expense-management and this should be in all the pages. Why is this happening, the css files are different in both templates but I tried putting the same css files for both templates and the results were same. Please help.

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Hi @Shaykoo ,

it's quite simple. Emoticono feliz 

the "regular" page has a class "pt10"(which means "padding-top:10" in the act2 template).

Simply add it to the same container in landingpage template (or remove it from the page template) and the navigation will be at the same position.



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