Multiple instances of CRM


We are a software company and are investigating using Hubspot for a client. This client wants us to provide a system where each user of their system also has their own "instance" of a Hubspot CRM. The user base could be anywhere up to a few hundred thousand. Now that I've caused our Hubspot developers to spill their coffee in horror, is this our only option available to us to have each user's CRM data remain independent and protected from other users ? Would Hubspot even allow this ?

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @willmam, thanks for your post. 

While it may technically be possible to create individual instances for each of your users, I would not recommend that as best practice. Instead, what you might consider is to add all of your users to one portal, and to assign them "Owned Only" access. This will only allow users to see the contacts, companies and deals that have been explicitly assigned to them.