Multiple choice for Choice Field


I haven't been able to find anything on this.  If you make a custom field for a module and it's a Choice field (you want to implicitily determine what choices are available), is there option to make it multiple choice?  It's 1 and only 1?


I could see turning this into a repeatable field to get around that but it seems silly.  Any insight?


Thanks for the help!

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Hi @squatchcreative, you're correct, the Choice field is only for 1 option, as per the documentation: "pick 1 item out of a list of options". What are you trying to achieve? That will help us suggest other solutions


I want to allow for multiple choice.  I want to provide a list of options and allow a user to select multiple choices.  Is there a field type that allows for multiple choices?  Is there a way to allow the Choice field to have multiple selections?  


For example, I make a field where I say "Pick your favorite colors", then provide several colors to choose from, and the content creator can pick more than 1.  


How can you provide a multiple choice selection for a content creator?