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Hi there,


I am currently trying to create a multilingual Subscription Preferences Page.

We already have set up all the translations for email subscription types like shown here:


After we did that, we see a dropdown menu at the top of the email preferences page to select a translation language.


The page URL has a parameter "languagePreference" which contains the language code. This language, if available, is also selected directly in the DropDown.

Now I want to display further content based on this language. To do this, however, I need to be able to read out the parameter value.


The Hubl variable request.query does not return the given url, so no languagePreference parameter available. If I do that with javascript I get the right URL containing the parameter languagePreference. But since I can't use Javasript variables in Hubl, I need to find the right Hubl variable to retriev the languagePreference value.




request.query result: portalId=9311353&


In the page source code I see a javascript function replaceLangPrefWith handels the language dropdown. I need to know which Hubl variable is used to set the default language: var currentLangPref = "? HUBL VARIABLE ?";


It would be super if someone could help me here!

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@Anton , @Teun 

Have either of you worked with this issue before?



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Hi @MFischer

the language is set in the crm right?

If so you could set it up like this. In this example I'll give the crm property the name "language". 

currentLangPref = "?contact.language?";




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Hi @Anton 


The language of each contact is set within the crm: contact.hs_language. This value I get easily.

But the languagePreference parameter is set by the language of the email.

Now, it is theoretically possible for a French speaker to receive an English newsletter. Not nice but possible.

The dropdown and thus the subscriptions are displayed in the language of the newsletter. But since I can't query this language, the rest of the page would be in French (contact.hs_language). Also, I don't see any way to change the default language of the dropdown without refreshing the page.


It would be easiest if I could display the entire content of the page in the language from the languagePreference parameter. But for that I have to be able to read this parameter first.


Thanks anyway,

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I have not sadly! I do know that system pages do not return all the page variables that normal pages have available. Same goes for request.query..

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