Modules centering with 4 columns but not with 3

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So I have a strange situation going on. On our home page, I created a module with 4 columns for images and text and for some reason the objects are not centering. However, if I take the same module and delete one of the columns - it does center (see below). 


Any ideas of what is happening?





Preview 1.PNG


Preview 2.PNG

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Hi @ChrisBroeders ,


You have a link to we see the code?


A very good tip I give you is the HubSpot CMS For Developers course, it teaches you how to create different modules, easier to edit, insert and remove items, copy to other templates and other better things, if you are interested. Smiley Happy


Look one example:



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Hi @DanielSanchez ,


Thanks for the quick reply. 

I realised that some of the changes I made to the navigation bar somehow effected the page layout. 


Reverted back to an older version of the CSS so it is all fixed now. Thanks for your time though!