Has anyone had any luck getting modernizr to work on hubspot?


Our site went through a redesign recently and as a result I was attempting to implement a new mobile navigation — multi-level, hamburger menu, preferably with a nice transition in after the click event. A lot of the solutions that I looked at added modernizr.js as part of the build and it's fairly standard, but I could not get hubspot to load the script. Didn't matter where on the page I added it - footer or header. So, I'm wondering if anyone else ran into a similar problem? Thanks.

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Just for testing purposes, to help narrow the issue, try editing your page with the page editor and choose a wysiwyg section. Then go to (tools->source code) in the wysiwyg and drop the script in there. See if the script sticks when you preview the page. Just use the CDN script tag. Let us know what you come up with. This should work and perhaps when you are hitting publish on the template, it's throwing some kind of error that you aren't noticing. That happens to me sometimes because the error is slight and unnoticeable sometimes in the lower right hand corner.

<script src=""></script>