Migrating from subdomain to a subdomain with a subdirectory

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(Not so) quick question from a non-developer here. Right now our university is trying to migrate from a subdomain (licenciaturas.anahuacmayab.mx) to another subdomain with a subdirectory (merida.anahuacmayab.mx/licenciaturas) becase of qs ranking reasons, and we are wondering how to do it without manually changing every single page that will be inside our new subdomain  (ie. how to change from https://licenciaturas.anahuacmayab.mx/orientacion-vocacional to merida.anahuacmayab.mx/licenciaturas/ov )

Any ideas on how to do that? Smiley Sad 

Thanks Smiley Happy 

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Hi @Guille 


If your pages all follow consistent folder structures pre and post move, then you can use flexible redirection rules to efficiently forward traffic to the new locations:


Set up a flexible pattern URL redirect 


Hope this helps.

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