Memberships With Gated Vidyard Videos

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Good afternoon

I have a question around security behind memberships and Hubdb.

While pages can be set to private, and only contacts of a specified list can access certain gated content.

If Hubdb tables are used within the gated content, which contain, for example video URLs, would the Hubdb data be publicly accessible?

Could an external AJAX request made on those URLs outside of the gated content still work? Or will the Hubdb that is publish but behind the gated content be protected?

If we set the table permissions to private: Article
Will this only be accessible by members?

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Hello @Thierry-Luc ,

Content in the HubDB can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Via the CMS
  2. Via the API

To access it outside the CMS via the API, one would need either OAuth Access Token or API Key.  Assuming either of these two items have not been provisioned, your HubDB data should be safe. 


Let me know if I went the incorrect direction with that question 😄





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