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Marketing Ad data not getting captured during Registration Process

Hello HubSpot Community,


How do I get HubSpot to capture that a user came from a paid ad, completed the registration process to then show up in my Marketing Ads analysis? We built a Sass tool using Angular 12. See below for more context.


Is this the code what needs to get installed:


Do I need to cutomize the above code to specifically push email, phone number, or other data? OR, does simply having the default HubSpot code "fire" on each step of the registration process enough to capture registrants coming from paid ads?


NOTE: I confirmed with my Dev that the basic HubSpot API code is installed BUT fires only on a few "pages" it does NOT fire during the registration process. Hopefully this information helps.


Background & Context:

I work in Marketing for a company that has built a SaaS tool using Agular 12, so this is a Single Page Applicaiton (SPA).  We have a multi-step registration process a user needs to complete to become a "full" user for our tool. During the process a user will provide their email, company name, phone number, address, and a few other pieces of data but NOT always on the same step. For exampe, step 2 will require the email; while step 3 will require their company information.


After they complete the registration process, they are taken to a default page to start using the tool.


I'm running paid ads on Google Ads, Facebook , and LinkedIn. How can I get HusbSpot to capture Marketing Ads data when a user registers; thus getting them into HubSpot's lifecycle process; thus being able to attribute a registration to a particular ad? NOTE: I've already successfully integrated these platforms into HubSpot under Settings > Tools > Marketing > Ads.


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Marketing Ad data not getting captured during Registration Process

Hi, @MKnoll 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Let's see if we can get the conversation going. Hey, @tjoyce  @nikodev @JBeatty, do you have any thoughts on how @MKnoll can troubleshoot this? 


Thank you! — Jaycee


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