Lookup tables in Hubspot?

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Hi there,


I'm trying to mirror a process we have in our ESP within Hubspot and am uncertain how to proceed.


What we woud like to do is look up a value based on a user variable. How we currently do this is by having the system look at a user's profile, search for a variable and match that variable with a value on a lookup table.


So, for example, if we want to customize background color the system looks up a user, finds a value (e.g., ABCD) and then matches that value with a hex value (e.g., #123456) on the lookup table. It then inserts the hex value into the HTML.


The code looks like this:




Does anytone have any experience programming something similar in Hubspot?


Many thanks,



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Hi @DougieD,


Did you ever come up with a solution to this? Could you store this as a contact property on your contact records? That way in either a custom module or in the main email body, you could pull the value for the contact you're sending to (or previewing as) with a token like: {{ contact.color_property_name }}. So that token will get transpiled into the actual value. For example if you wrote something like this:


<div bgcolor="{{ contact.color_property_name }}"></div>

...that will transpile into something like (assuming that your contact has a hex code value for that contact property):


<div bgcolor="#ff6347"></div>

I think that would accomplish what you're trying to do. Feel free to follow up here with any questions about it.


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Not the same use case, but I do have the same question: are Lookup Tables on the roadmap?


I have this process where we allocate leads to salespeople around the country based on Postal Code. We don't use the Sales / CRM however. Right now I have this attrocious Workflow with 157183571 branches, that basically goes:


Is your Postal Code one of 1111, 1112, 1113, 1114 .... and 20+ more... 

Yes? Then assign you to region A


Is your Postal Code one of 2111, 2112, 2113, 2114 ... etc.

Yes? Then assign you to region B


Is... and so on


20+ branches in a row, each evaluating a manual list of 20+ zip codes. Horrible to maintain.


I'm looking for a feature where I can upload a .csv or .xlsx (or manually create, for smaller tables) and save it as a globally usable Lookup Table, then tell Hubspot in a workflow: 


Look up the value of Field A in Lookup Table X, then enter the corresponding value in Field B.