Looking to contact developer - or get help with changing H1's in Session's Template


Hi there, 


I'm wondering we have the ability to connect with the developer of a template? I'm looking for help with a section of the "Session" template that seemingly does not let you change the style/type of header on its "Parallax Hero Banner". For SEO purposes, we obviously only want 1 H1 tag on each page, and some of our pages are being flagged as having 2+ and I believe it's because of this banner. 


Let me know if contacting the developer is possible? Or how to change this.


No coding experience but we do have a developer on our team who can help if need be. 

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Hi @NDawes 

Could you provide a link to a page that is having this issue?

That module is not part of the Sessions theme.  I believe it is an module available on the marketplace.  If needed you could clone it and update.

The only time you would run into a multiple h1 issue with that module if it was used more than once on a page.



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Hi @NDawes ,

There are two ways to do tjis:

1) If you have use rich text module there then you can click on mark option to change heading type https://prnt.sc/124zib6
2) If not use rich text then I need add option to select heading tags https://prnt.sc/124zs9c

Hope this helps!

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Hi there, 


Sorry for the late reply. I'm going to have a try and see if this fixes the issue. Thank you SO much for the help!