Looking for Hubspot's tmLanguage and tmTheme files for their editor.

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I'm looking to build out a language extension for HubL in VScode and Sublime Text.


I was wondering if there was any way to get the tmLanguage and tmTheme files that are used in the Design Manager code editor if possible. Hubspotters, is this something you can provide?


I'd also love to have the debugger code as well to set up a language server for debugging later down the road.


If anyone can help out - that would be amazing.

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While I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for and not sure if I have all the answers but figured I would try and help with what I do know as this would be a great extension. 


It sounds like you're looking for which code editor, theme and syntax we use for HubL. What might be worth looking into is our Local HubL Server. https://designers.hubspot.com/docs/tools/local-hubl-server. This should enable you to run HubL code locally and I don't believe we have a syntax highlighter that is open source but I've used jinja2 highlighting when I have worked with HubL. 


For our IDE in HubSpot we use CodeMirror which you can find here https://codemirror.net/ but currently we don't have our theme files but they might be included in HubSpot Canvas down the line. https://canvas.hubspot.com/. 


Let me know if any of the above was helpful Smiley Happy