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Ok i just started looking into HubSpot yesterday, so i am pretty new. Coming from a background as a Sitecore Developer, so i am pretty much into the technical stuff.


I am trying to create a content library and i have a few questions.


Question 1:

I know you can create a HubDB table and fill it with rows that act as dynamic pages.

But! If you have pages with a lot of content, i am not sure this is the best solution.  (correct me if i'm wrong).


But if i decide to create static pages for Webinars / Events etc. and i want to create a listing for it in a content library (for example). I guess i need to create a HubDB table called "Events" for example, that has a row for each event.


Now to my question. If i want to use this HubDB table to list my Events and for each event i want to link to their respective event pages. Is there no way to bind a link for each row to a specific Event. Or do i have to use the URL type and just copy / paste the URL of the event into the row?

If that is the case, i am not too happy about it. If i for some reason change the links down the road, it would be a nightmare to manage if there is no direct binding.


Question 2:

Is it in any way possible to create an HubDB table, that is automatically filled with specific pages from inside HubSpot? So for example, if i want to have an dynamic "Event" table, then somehow make it automatically always stay updated with all my event pages, links, descriptions etc? Or do you always have to update it manually? So you have to both create an Event page and at the same time you also have to create a new row in your Event HubDB table ?


Question 3:

In our setup we want each Event, LandingPage, Webinar etc to have multiple tags.


As far as i have found out, it seems like Blog is the only page type that has tags? Is it possible to add (multiple) tags to landingpages and normal web pages? 


In our content library, it should be possible to select multiple tags and list the results by these selected tags.

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Hey @Krisp 


I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I am wondering if you were able to resolve this or if you still need assistance on this matter?     


Thank you


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