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I have the following blog slug for my listing page: `.../blog`.


When a user clicks on a blog from the listing page, the URL for the blog post will be: `.../blog_name_here`. Notice how "blog" is not in the URL anymore.


When a user changes the language to, lets say, French, I want the URL for the listing page to be: `.../fr/blog`.


I can achieve this by creating another blog, but I don't want to create another blog because; If a user creates a blog post on the global blog (`.../blog`), I do not want the user the clone the blog to the French blog (`.../fr/blog`)  and change it's URL to add the `fr`. I want the process to be automated.


What I've tried:


I came across this article here which, I believe, is a possible solution to this issue. I have built the module in my post template:



Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 11.47.05.png


But, I cannot make sense of how this works? From my understanding it looks at the url to see if there was another language other than the global one being used? 


In which case, does this even solve my issue? If not, how can I approach this?

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Hi @Amit_95,


The module you've referenced does not have any automation in how one listing or post links to another - there is quite a bit of setup involved that requires you to configure all blog templates that are using the module. Then, on the post level, each and every post would need to be manually linked to their translated counterpart(s).

The module also requires your multilingual blogs be managed across individual blog instances - so you would have to create another blog for your '/fr' blog.

A word of caution based on what I've heard - A working knowledge of HubSpot custom modules and HubL is highly recommended if you want to implement this module - while you do not need to know code in order to build it, I've heard the instructions are tricky to follow, so this often requires troubleshooting the code itself.


Thank you,

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