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Good morning! So, I thought this would be a pretty straight-forward, simple thing to do but Support sent me here for an answer.


I have a blog and it is set up exactly how we want: Latest post featured at the top with links to the next latest 3 posts beneath, then text links for the remaining posts in order.


We are creating a separate area in our site for Webinars. We announce our webinars through blog posts, and then later we post the webinar recordings as blog posts. We'd like that to stay the same, but we'd like to list the webinar recording blog posts in our Webinar area, as well. Not the whole post, but the link to the post, just like in our regular blog listing page ... the links would take the users to the same blog post. Ideally, it would have the exactly same layout as the blog listing page ... just be filtered down to only webinar recordings (using tag/topic).


The person I chatted w/in Support said that there can only be one blog listing page, so she sent me her for further info. I don't know if I'm explaining my request properly, but I appreciate any advice or direction!


I see the modules for "Post Filter" and "Post Listing" but neither, separately, quite do what I'm looking to do.





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Hello @Heide ,


I have requested link for blog url and webinar so I can assist you with proper solution so kindly share the link in private message box




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