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Landing Page - Interactive Slider Addition

Hi all!


We are looking to add a new interactive slider to our Live/Work SCV landing page (found here: Below is a mock-up of what this new slider would look like (about 3/4 of the way through the page).


This slider would have a full-width background image (the same on all slides) and a table of hyperlinked text on each slide (different per slide). The table would be 4 columns by 4 rows. Each link would open to an external webpage in a new browser tab or window.


I'm unsure if this is possible to achieve using HubSpot. Can you please provide me with your input and advice?


Thank you in advance!



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Landing Page - Interactive Slider Addition

Hi @scvedc,


Nice Idea to implement slide in hero banner of the page, in HubSpot you can do it slider with Image Slider Module.


You can drag and drop Image slider module from a left-hand sidebar in Design Template Builder.


If you don't want those type of slide and create more interactivity and flexible slider with javascript or jquery plugin. we are here to help you.


email us for a commercial solution at or

Skype me at live:nikhil.jani_2


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