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Issue with form

Hi All 

I am using a designly template for my landing page. For my forms i have ticked the box for block free email service providers in order to block personal email id s for the registration form. 


Whenever I test it and enter my personal email id i get this distored message below the email box as a display. When I emailed hiubspot they said it is related to the styling of your website page. Did anyone face similar issues? How did you correct this issue. I would like to block free email providers when capturing registration. This is very important and I would like to fix this issue asap. Please help! Attached screenshot of how the message appears when someone enters their personal email id in the form. Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 15.52.59.png

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Issue with form

Hi, @GBalasubraman 👋 Thanks for posting. Support is correct that this looks like a CSS conflict. You can use the Chrome Dev Tools to inspect the page elements and locate the CSS that is causing these text areas to overlap. Here's a quick guide from Google if you're not familiar with using the Page Inspector — Get started with viewing and changing the DOM


Without being able to see the issue occurring on-page, by using the method above, it's not possible to say which CSS element or elements are causing the conflict.


I hope this helps get you moving forward! — Jaycee


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