Is there a way to remove Archived Pages from Site Tree View? (without deleting the archived pages)

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When viewing all of my site pages, the Site Tree View is actually pretty helpful. It's one drawback is that archived and unpublished pages clutter that view.


Is there a way to remove the archived and unpublished pages from the Site Tree View without deleting these pages? Shouldn't archived or unpublished pages not appear in the tree view since they aren't on the tree? Is there a way to toggle them on off in the Site Tree View?


Any thoughts appreciated. 


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I couldn't find a way to remove the archived pages from the tree view so I ended up creating a subdirectory titled:




For any pages that are archived, and I don't want to show up in my site tree view, I simply give them a URL inside of that directory.


This accomplishes two things. 

1. It groups all my archived pages into one directory. 

2. It moves that "group" of pages to the bottom of the tree view since the tree view is alphabetically ordered (hence the z- at the beginning). 


For now, this seems to at least get archived pages "out of the way" until another, more suitable solution appears.