Is setting up and using different Blog templates possible?


Hi there,

I want to structure our blog and for the different types of content I'd like to use different templates. Just like with the website-pages, where you can clone and then change templates as you wish.

Is that possible in HubSpot?

At the moment we're only using one template and making minor adjustments via HTML, but that's just so laborious and doens't give us enough creative freedom.


Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hi @BiancaS,


At this time you can choose a blog template specific to posts and your blog feed, but not on an individual post by post basis.


You can however use separate templates for different blogs within your HubSpot Portal. For example, we have a client that works in 3 major "buckets". For each of these "buckets" we created a separate blog, each of which use a unique design/template. 


If you'd like more information on this, let me know. If this doesn't accomplish what you're looking for, I hope that there's a solution down the road!



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Hi Josh,


thanks for your reply!

Unless we can channel all those blogs into one single blog feed on our website, it sadly doesn't help us. We got one Homepage and one Blog and don't need any more. But we'd like a few different layout-otions to choose from, depneding on the content.


Thank you anyways!

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Hi @BiancaS,

There is less scope of variant styles here but you can define a choice field and add it as a class to body.

For that particular class, you can style the post accordingly.

I've tried this for my client who had 2 different styling for blog posts in a particular blog.


Hi @Anonymous,


thank you for this suggestion! Could you explain more detailed what you mean?

That would be great!


Thank you 🙂

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I really need this too!