Integrating Third Party Authentication

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I am looking to build my company a new website using the HubSpot CMS. We will need to host some pages with premium content that will require users to register/login. I am aware that HubSpot has a built in solution for this, but it is only available at enterprise level, which we are not. I have a two questions pertaining to this:


  1. This might be more of a question for the HubSpot sales team but is it possible to add the built-in HubSpot user database feature ala carte, without opting for the full upgrade to enterprise?

  2. Is it possible to integrate third party SSO solutions like Firebase SDK to accomplish a similar result?
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Hey @MBSmith 


I am not aware of any third-party integration in order to accomplish this. However, I found this thread in the Community that might be helpful. 


Maybe our experts have come across to this similar situation. 


Hey @bradmin@adamhorsman do you know any integration that @MBSmith can use?


Thank you


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Hi, @MBSmith. I'm not really familiar with the current pricing tiers, nor Firebase's functionality, so I won't be able to speak to that. While Zapier can connect Firebase and HubSpot in some limited use cases, I don't think it's anything near what you've described.


I would recommend talking to sales, though. I'd lay out your use case as specifically as possible, and if sales doesn't have the immediate knowledge you're looking for, may be able to pair you up with a sales engineer. I'm sure between one of those two, someone would be able to describe the minimum product you need to satisfy your requirements.

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I'm probably wrong. I may not be right about that.