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Integrating HubSpot Search Module into Custom Webpage

Hello HubSpot Developer Community,

I am currently working on creating a custom webpage using HubSpot, and I've encountered a challenge regarding the integration of the HubSpot search module into my custom page.
I want to put this search module in my custom page.
If I make my page using hubspot basic templates, I can add this Functionality > Site Search Input.



But if I make without hubspot basic templates, I cannot put it into my custom page.
As I understand, the HubSpot search module is designed to be used within pages created entirely with the HubSpot created modules.

(I got reply from hubspot support:)



However, I am interested in incorporating this search function into a custom webpage that I'm building because hubspot search module works so well.

Could someone kindly provide guidance on whether it's possible to integrate the HubSpot search module into a custom webpage?

I appreciate any insights or suggestions you can offer to help me overcome this obstacle. Thank you in advance.

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Key Advisor | Platinum Partner

Integrating HubSpot Search Module into Custom Webpage

Hi @JRyu4 

What HubSpot Support meant is that your template does not have a dnd_area due to which you are unable to drag and add your modules to your page. You can fix that by going to your template in the design manager and adding a dnd area tag ( {% dnd_area %} {% end_dnd_area %}  ). You can refer to these documents for more details:


Drag and Drop Area HubL tags

Drag and Drop areas overview

Getting started with drag-and-drop areas


I hope this will help you out. Please mark it as Solution Accepted and upvote to help another Community member.

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Integrating HubSpot Search Module into Custom Webpage

@JRyu4 are you building a custom theme or only a custom template within another theme?


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