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Insert Data in HubDB Table using Serverless Function

How to insert record in hubdb table using serverless function

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Insert Data in HubDB Table using Serverless Function

Hello @Priyanka178 , have you written any code to show us how far have you come?

If this is your starting point I assume you did create a serverless function like instructed by the official hubspot documentation: Serverless functions

If you have set up the serverless function you should have by now found out that you can do some API calling inside it. So you should have set up a private app key, like instructed in this document

Now you are ready to make some API calls, so using the HubDB API endpoints you can do all sorts of manipulations on you table, like adding a row in the table using the [POST] /cms/v3/hubdb/tables/{tableIdOrName}/rows endpoint like shown on the API reference page, here in this link

Hope this information gets you started, don't forget to post your progress and code in order to help the commutity assist you better.

If you need any further help don't hesitate to write here.

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