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Inline Signups isn't happening in hubspot

hey, I am trying to put inline signup in the webpage , tried many things but nothing is coming up even searched the community and dodn't get the satisfied answer. This page already has two form , one at the top and second at the bottom. Could you please help me make them inline (input feild and submit button in a single line, close to each other).

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Key Advisor | Gold Partner

Inline Signups isn't happening in hubspot

Hi @Shaykoo 


You can make the form fields appear inline using CSS.


I would add a custom class to the form called "my-inline-form" then add the CSS to the page (or even better to your main CSS file). Here's a (simple) example:


.my-inline-form .hs-form-field,
.my-inline-form .hs-submit{
     float: left
    margin-right: 20px;
    width: calc(50% - 20px);

If this looks like it's written in code that's because it is.


let me know if you need help.