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Inconsistent emtpy properties of contacts in programmable emails

There is a weird behaviour in programmable emails where empty properties of contacts seem to not be emtpy but a string representation of their parameter name.

However the parameter name is also not consistent, so it it hard to check for emtpy or undefined contact properties.


Here are some examples for emtpy email, firstname, lastname and zip:


As you can see the email and zip are rendered as "CONTACT.PROPERTY_NAME" however the firstname and lastname are rendered as their german property names "Vorname" and "Nachname" - i guess because my companys Hubspot settings are in German.


With this behaviour i cannot check if the email is emtpy by

{% == "" %}

but have to check if the string matches

{% == "CONTACT.EMAIL" %}


I find this behaviour very counter intuitive to most developers out there and wanted to get the communitys take on this.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Inconsistent emtpy properties of contacts in programmable emails

Hey, @svnwa 👋 Thanks for reaching out! I have a few suggestions based on your comment. 

  • If you think you've found a bug, please file a support ticket. I'd phrase it as not a custom code question, but an issue with product functionality.
  • If this is product feedback, you can do two things. Inform your CSM in your next meeting that you have a “roadblock” with how this functions and if you have a moment, please consider making a post in the Ideas forum along with any suggestions you have

Additionally, we can definitely leave this open in case other community members have any comments or suggestions based on their use cases.





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