Importing COS data into a new account?


Hello everybody,


I have landingpages, emails, workflows etc. in one account.

I would like to duplicate all that in another account. I have now exported the COS in Content->Content Settings->Export COS pages but am now puzzled how to import it all in the new account.

The accounts are available all over the same profile.

Thanks for your answers,


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HubSpot Employee

Hi @KathiNetpress  The HubSpot COS is not designed to export content assets from one portal to another. The COS export file that you have generated is better used when moving to another CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal. Exporting a Hubpsot COS page to html, then copying the html into a template in the new portal will yield less than satisfatory results (you can certainly try, however). 


A better strategy, would be to copy the templates from one portal to another and then rebuild the pages on topof them (a bit time consiuming indeed, but far beter results). 




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