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How would I create an if statement for "If Page Is The Blog Index"?  I have no idea what conditions to hook into and hubspot does not list them at all.   What I basically want to do on the blog index page is:


{% if not simple_list_page %}


{% if page is the main /blog index page %}  <--THIS IS WHERE I'M LOST.  I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING ON HOW DO TO THIS ANYWHERE.


Do stuff for the main /blog index page.


{% else %}

Do stuff for all other not-simple listing pages..

{% endif %}


{% else %}

Do stuff for simple listing.


{% endif %}


Somebody throw me a bone, eh?

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Why don't you create


- one template for the "blog homepage overview" (I think you mean index)


- one template for the blog detail ?


Which other pages do you need? 🙂


Well I need two listing styles for the blog index.  For the main /blog page, I need a specific style.  Then for "topic" lists, I need a different style.   If I understand correctly, hubspot only gives you two template options to work with; the index template & the page template.

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Hi @Lorddemos90,


There are 3 pages code in one index template
1 - Index page main listing page

2 - Topic listing page

3 - Author page 

So you can add class in the main div using this if conditions

{% if topic %}
    <div class="topic-page">
{% elif blog_author %}
    <div class="author-page">
{% else %}
    <div class="main-index-page">
{% endif %}

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