Hubspot script blocked by Safari, Firefox, Edge and ad-blocker extension


Hey! I'm developing app and need to send information about user using Forms API.

My problem is that hubspot script, which is src="{my_hubspot_account_id}", which I connect to my application, works only on Google Chrome, but in browsers with more strict security rules like Safari and Firefox and even Edge this script blocked instantly as page loading, so nothing from those cookies generated.

As well, if Google Chrome user will enable any of ad-blocker extension, this will also block that script.

I read artickles from support here and here, but I think it's not the best solution: pushing user to change security politics in browser or adding my site in white list for ad-blocker extenstion.

Is there is any elegant way to resolve this issue?

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Unfortunately, I believe this is the constant battle between privacy and tracking insights. 

@Mike_Eastwood , @karstenkoehler, @Indra   --> do you all have any effective strategies for dealing with tracking blockers?



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Hi @sryv 


While I haven't solved this issue myself I would research Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).


You may be able to add a policy to allow HubSpot.  


Too many variables to make a sensible guess.


What's your app built in?


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Hi @sryv,


Like @Mike_Eastwood is telling CORS would be your go to. Unfortunately HubSpot has limited possibilities when it comes to CORS / AJAX requests. I recommend checking the article: Do HubSpot APIs support CORS / AJAX requests?

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