Hubspot marketplace blog template header/footer problem

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I purchased a blog template from the hubspot marketplace. In design manager, the header/footer is using the same as the header/footer of our home page, but the styling is way off.


The CSS of the blog template is different than the home page, so I'm looking to replace the blog template header/footer CSS with the header/footer CSS of the home page. We need the blog to have the same header/footer styling as our home page.



Home page:


Thanks in advance! Please let me know what other info I can provide.

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Hey @rquinn 


Without spending too much time on this, it looks like you've got different stylesheets applied to the two pages.



Within this you've got refference to the "Awwal_Blog_Template". Assuming this is the template you purchased.





If I was you I'd spend sometime analyzing those two files.


It might help to ensure you CSS files are being loaded in the correct order so they'll "cascade" correctly.