HubSpot form value verification and contact update on HS landing page

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So a quick rundown of what we're trying to accomplish here is a user will land on a HubSpot landing page that will have a form with two fields on it. The fields will ask for the last 4 of their SSN and their last name to confirm their identity. Once confirmed I was thinking of just setting a cookie in their browser which I could grab from the other pages that they would be passed along to (all internal HubSpot pages) to make sure they have verified before showing any page content. 


So here are couple things I need help with:

1. How do I go about verifying what the user put into the fields to make sure the contact property (what is currently in HS) matches the entered value? Is this possible from within a HubSpot landing page?
2. How would you go about updating a contact property from within a HubSpot landing page, possible without the API? To my knowledge you wouldn't be able to use the API on a landing page as it would expose our key.





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