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I would like us to use HubSpot cookies only with the consent of our visitors. 


Using the cookie banner from HubSpot isn’t an option as we also have website pages on WordPress. We would like a seamless user-experience where users only have to consent to cookies once.


Right now, we are using an Iubenda cookie banner and Google Tag Manager to control all cookies which are only triggered once there has been consent. This also includes the HubSpot tracking code. While the cookie banner to consent works on our WordPress pages, I notice that HubSpot cookies are already being stored before consent on our HubSpot pages. When I turn off cookies altogether on our HubSpot subdomains, I notice that HubSpot’s cookies never show up, even after clicking “accept”. In this case I would expect the HubSpot cookies to load via GTM. All the other cookies load except HubSpot’s.


As it works now, it seems like we can choose between two options, neither of which are workable for us:

  1. Enable cookies in HubSpot and use HubSpot’s tracking cookies without our visitors’ consent, thus breaching GDPR
  2. Disable cookies on HubSpot pages and miss out on super valuable data


How can we make sure that HubSpot cookies load on our HubSpot pages only AFTER consent has been given using GTM and our Iubenda cookie banner?

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Hi @cakelin23,


For information on how you can customize the cookie settings for HubSpot on the front end, I wanted to share this resource.


For the developer docs regarding cookies, I wanted to share this search feed as well.


Thank you,


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