HubDB goes empty - cache ?

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Ok. I have created a simple module that gets a list of items from a specific HubDB table.


I haven't touched it for a week, and it used to work. But now my module returns as if the table is empty. 


It is NOT empty in HubDB.


A sample of my code:

{% set typesTable = hubdb_table_rows(2029842) %}


{{ typesTable|length }} returns 0.


I tried to run the module in "Preview" mode and the data gets populated. But if i run the live production page, it returns empty.


My table is published and i even tried unpublishing, and publishing it.


It have happened before to a colleague of mine. That is a big problem, if your HubDB data suddenly disappears on your production page and you can't do anything to make it come back? It seems like there is some server-side HubDB cache that is working badly ?

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Hey @Krisp 


Long shot but in your page have you specified which table you would like accessible to the page?


Screeenshot - 2019-11-19 at 3.35.23 PM.png


Website > Edit >settings > Advanced Options > HubDB Dropdown

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Hi again.


That is only for dynamic pages, this is not a dynamic page. I have a direct reference to a specific table.